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Emotionally Healthy Activist Part 3: What Did I Get From My Mom and Dad? Your Genogram & Activism

  • Overseas Chinese Mission Church 59 Elizabeth Street New York, NY, 10013 United States (map)

At Columbia University, during the opening session of Emotionally Healthy Activist we covered the 6 components of emotionally healthy activism that emerge out of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality as well as their emotionally unhealthy opposites. We will focus on pride, narcissism, and lack of prudence (hurry) as three key components that make our resistance toxic and unhelpful in our world today.

At New Life Fellowship, they often say "Jesus is in your heart but Grandpa is in your bones" and I have found that to be profound and true.  If you have ever been to therapy, you know that our parents have a lot to do with how we behave every day.  Their presence or absence shapes us in ways that are conscious and often unconscious - especially when it comes to issues of love and justice. Ask yourself, "How did your family experience comfort? What did they say about those who were poor? LGBTQIA+? or "Black? How did your father talk about women or your mother talk about men? 

Let's get real about the gifts and liabilities so that we might live out more fully the freedom God intends for all of us.

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