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Emotionally Healthy Activist Part 7: What Do You Really Want and Is That What God Wants? (False Desires)

  • New Hyde Park Baptist Church 635 Hyde Park Road New Hyde Park, NY 11040 United States (map)
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At Overseas Chinese Mission Church, during the opening session of Emotionally Healthy Activist we covered the 6 components of emotionally healthy activism that emerge out of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality as well as their emotionally unhealthy opposites. We will focus on pride, narcissism, and lack of prudence (hurry) as three key components that make our resistance toxic and unhelpful in our world today.

After identifying obstacles to growing and learning along with ideas, narratives, experiences and people that may consciously or unconsciously driving our actions and especially our activism in the world, we need to ask two questions. First, what do I want? And second, "what does God want?" 

These questions are important to answer because we can't ask God for what we desire if we don't know what those things are. And Jesus is not a puppet master or slave driver so our desires to matter to Him. Once we identify or have an inkling of what we truly desire, we can bring those things to God who loves us and say with open hands, "God, what do You want?" Thus, our activism flows out of a deep, abiding relationship with God and our success - especially in our resistance work - is bound up with obedience to Our Father.

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