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Emotionally Healthy Activist Part 6: Everyone Is Leaking (Spiritual Runoff)

  • Hofstra University (map)

At Overseas Chinese Mission, during the opening session of Emotionally Healthy Activist we covered the 6 components of emotionally healthy activism that emerge out of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality as well as their emotionally unhealthy opposites. We will focus on pride, narcissism, and lack of prudence (hurry) as three key components that make our resistance toxic and unhelpful in our world today.

When it rains, materials are often washed off the surface of the ground and taken by the rushing water downhill and if it reaches water, downstream. Runoff can often be toxic and lead to pollution and unintended harm. All of us exist downstream of someone and something. Parents, mentors, and teachers along with something church, culture, school and organization modeled conflict resolution, comfort, goodness, love and justice. And fortunately or unfortunately, we become most like those we follow and exhibit the same patterns as those we spend the most time with. In light of our families, backgrounds and cultures what beautiful and broken things have seeped into the fabric of our lives?

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