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Emotionally Healthy Activist Part 5: "This is How YOU WILL Do Things" (Institutional Enmeshment)

  • Columbia University - Schermerhorn Room 501 1180 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)
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At Columbia University, during the opening session of Emotionally Healthy Activist we covered the 6 components of emotionally healthy activism that emerge out of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality as well as their emotionally unhealthy opposites. We will focus on pride, narcissism, and lack of prudence (hurry) as three key components that make our resistance toxic and unhelpful in our world today.

"Black people never eat..." or "Women are always..." or "Leftists and Conservatives can't..." are things we often hear explicitly or observe in our families and culture.

It's not just the families that we were born into but the culture and context we grew up in that shape and mold us into who we are as people. And fortunately or unfortunately, consciously or subconsciously, these forces often dictate how we respond when we are hurt, angry, uncomfortable and afraid or if we even acknowledge those feels at all. Let's talk about the assumptions that we have about ourselves and those that society has about us too; and of course, those that we have about others. We do this, not to shame some and uplift others, but to identify those things that keep us and others from loving well. We aim to be ministers of reconciliation and we cannot bring together what we will not admit is broken.

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