Ask Me Anything: The Big Event Downstate

IVED presents “Ask Me Anything | The Big Event Downstate Edition” featuring NY/NJ Media Production Coordinator, Kyle Lee and Area Ministry Director, Jonathan Walton. This podcast was recorded during the Free Time between discipleship tracks at The Big Event Conference for students from New York City, Long Island, and Central/South Jersey. This hour-long conversation featured questions about mental health, suicide, relationships/sexuality, race and politics. 

Some of the authors and resources mentioned included: 

1. Kathy Khang: Raise Your Voice

2. Noemi Vega:  Co-author of Hermanas

3. Natasha Robinson: Author of “A Sojourner’s Truth” 

4. Greg Coles: Single, Gay, Christian. 

5. Al Hsu: Grieving a Suicide

If you have any questions about the resources mentioned here please email

Jonathan Walton