IVED Pod/Ask Me Anything Urbana Edition: Jonathan's Seminar

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A crossover seminar talk by Area Ministry Director, Jonathan Walton with an Ask Me Anything Podcast at the end featuring NY/NJ Media Production Coordinator, Kyle Lee. This podcast was recorded during Jonathan's Seminar, Practical Repentance and Prayerful Resistance, at the Urbana 18 Missions Conference for students from all  around the country and world. This hour-long conversation featured questions about race and politics, honoring your parents, and divesting from worldly systems, amongst others.

Some of the authors and resources mentioned included: 

1. Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert: When Helping Hurts

2. Pete Scazzero: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

3. Lisa Sharon Harper: Left Right and Christ and Evangelical Does Not Equal Republican...or Democrat

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If you have any questions about the resources mentioned here please email jonathan.walton@intervarsity.org

Jonathan Walton