Ask Me Anything! Rec Week-Week 2

With host and Intervarsity NY/NJ Media Production Coordinator Kyle Lee, guests Joanne Acevedo, Jonathan Walton, and Heleena Winter, we delve into questions asked by students attending IVCFNYNJ's Spring Break Trips: Rec Week with students from UVA, George Mason, Eastman, Willy P, RIT, NOVA, Montclair State, Malloy and Vassar. We delve into questions on race, relationships, reconciliation, and more!

Heleena Winter is a Campus Staff Minister at NOVA Community College

Jonathan Walton is an Area Ministry Directors in NY/NJ 

Joanne Acevedo is an Associate Regional Ministry Director in NY/NJ

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Resources listed in this talk:


12 Lies That Hold America Captive-Jonathan Walton 

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality-Pete Scazzero 

Evangelical Does Not Equal Republican or Democrat-Lisa Sharon Harper

Left Right and Christ-Lisa Sharon Harper

Beyond Colorblind-Sarah Shin 

Being White-Paula Harris & Doug Schaupp

Same Kind of Different As Me-Ron Hall, Denver Moore, & Lynn Vincent


Lament and LoGOFF

Racism is Ruining My Marriage 

The Mask You Live In 

 The Laramie Project 

I'm Sorry Anna Nicole 

Jonathan Walton