Ask Me Anything! Rec Week-Week 1

With host and Intervarsity NY/NJ Media Production Coordinator Kyle Lee, guests Tim Craig, Jonathan Walton, and Zoe Towler, we delve into questions asked by students attending IVCFNYNJ's Spring Break Trips: Rec Week with students from RPI, JMU, and Boston College. We delve into questions race, relationships, reconciliation, and more!

Zoe Towler is a Campus Staff Minister at Boston College

Jonathan Walton and Tim Craig are Area Ministry Directors in NY/NJ 

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Resources listed in this talk:


Redeeming Sexuality-Deb Hirsch 

Beyond Colorblind-Sarah Shin 

12 Lies That Hold America Captive-Jonathan Walton 

Single Gay Christian-Gregory Coles 

End Of Sexual Identity-Judith and Jack Balswick 

Strong and Weak-Andy Crouch 

Jesus and the Disinherited-Howard Thurman 

Discovering Biblical Equality-Groothius, Pierce, Fee 

Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes-Kenneth Bailey 

The Roadmap to Reconciliation-Brenda Salter McNeil 

The Wounded Healer-J.M. Nouwen 


Trust In The Slow Work of God 

Teach Us How to Pray 

The Forgiveness Institute 

Jonathan Walton