Ask Me Anything! Rec Week-Week 3

With host and Intervarsity NY/NJ Media Production Coordinator Kyle Lee, guests Glorianne Wright, Jonathan Walton, and Stephen Rowe, we delve into questions asked by students attending InterVarsity's Reconciliation Week. Students are from Hofstra, Nassau Community College, SUNY Westbury, and more. White supremacy and Jesus as well as sexuality and relationships take center stage this week!

Glorianne Wright is a Campus Staff Minister at Rutgers

Jonathan Walton is an Area Ministry Directors in NY/NJ

Stephen Rowe is a Campus Staff Minister at Hofstra and Nassau Community College

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Resources Listed in this Pod:


12 Lies That Hold America Captive-Jonathan Walton

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality-Pete Scazzero

Being White-Paula Harris & Doug Schaupp

The Lord of the Rings-J.R.R. Tolkien

I Once Was Lost-Don Everts and Doug Schaupp (The Five Thresholds)


The Four P's

Rich Villodas' Sermon: Politics and Jesus

EHA Course

Jonathan Walton