for Racial Reconciliation and Justice

These resources were the foundation for How To Actually Fight for Racial Reconciliation and Justice at Urbana 15. 

Tools and Exercises

Lament, Confess, Repent, Reconcile

Racism, prejudice and tension persist in our nation and around the world. We must create spaces to listen, grieve and confess where there is individual and corporate sin. Then we must turn from our wicked ways and act differently to follow Jesus and live under His Lordship by the power of Holy Spirit. This resource will help you lead a prayer meeting after a hate crime, murder of unarmed civilians or police officers and other bias incidents. 

Community Temperature Reading

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality is a gift to the Church from Pete and Geri Scazzero. This is helpful for personal reflection but is principally used for dialogue with another person or a larger group. 

Writing Ourselves Into Scripture

Before there can be reconciliation, we must acknowledge that it sucks and actually sit in the pain and silence of that exists in the world; and in a culture where we run from being uncomfortable, we need tools to be able to do that. Conversely, we can't share the joy and delight of God if we never allow ourselves to enter into the awesomeness of having a relationship with God! This exercise is a practical way to practice entering into the scriptures with our emotions.

Acts 10 Bible Study

The Bible is not just a good book from a long time ago. It is the Word of God that is relevant to our lives even today. This story is an old one but repeats itself over and over again as we marginalize people based on race, class, status, sexuality and any other wall that we build to say "us" and "them". We unpack the narrative of Peter and Cornelius that we might be more like Jesus. 

Letter from a Birmingham Jail Bible Study

Few people know more about Martin Luther King, Jr. beyond that he gave the I Have A Dream speech. This letter gives a more cohesive picture of just for what he was fighting and the methods he and other leaders employed and why. We partner it up with the critique leveled by Isaiah of the Israelites in Isaiah 1:1-17. We hope you find it helpful. 

StoryCorps Ethnic Identity Interviews

Many people go to seminars, conferences, and breakfasts on racial reconciliation and then after the applause end and the speaker goes home, they wonder just what to do. DO THIS! Download the StoryCorps app, do our ethnic interview and start to build deeper relationships with your neighbors through entering into their stories. The key to racial reconciliation is expert listening. 

Where I'm From Poem

The above exercise will help you explore your cultural identity and share it with those around you. Don’t think too hard to be poetic or cool or compare yourself to other people. Just tell the truth about your childhood, background, and then share it with at least one other person and then listen to theirs. After you listen to someone share, express your appreciation for them sharing their story with you. We strongly encourage you to do this in small groups or pairs.


How to Actually Do Racial Reconciliation and Pursue Racial Justice

Here is NYCUP Director, Jonathan Walton's seminar on racial reconciliation and justice featuring testimonies from Ashley Byrd, Toukam Ngoufanke, Trevor Agatsuma, Wendy Hu-Au, and Priscilla Walton from Urbana 2015. 

What is structural racism? 

Racism exists and many of us, especially Millennials weren't around when the institutions that reinforce white supremacy, consolidation of wealth and power, and judicial abuse got set up. So, here's a video that explains a bit about where we've come from.

Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes

If that video was too short and you need a little more background. Here's one! Ms. Jane Elliot an educator in Iowa the day after MLK was killed sat down in her all white classroom and tried to explain how violent and oppressive racism can be. This class laid the groundwork for decades of work around race and ethnicity. 

Cultural Appropriation: "Don't Cash Crop My Corn Rows"

Have you ever wondered, what is cultural appropriation? This video is super-helpful in breaking it down. This isn't saying "does cultural appropriation exist?" If you're reading this, we are not arguing about whether or not the claims of communities of color are real. We are aiming to deal with them in a way that leads to confession, repentance, reconciliation and justice.

MTV's White People

This documentary is an amazing resource for white and non-white people to understand the deep chasm between perception and reality for our white brothers and sisters and the communities of color that surround them. 

Leveraging White Privilege for Authentic Solidarity

Privilege is NOT bad. It is receiving benefits that you did nothing to earn but have been given; and they are your responsibility to give away on behalf of the poor, oppressed and marginalized. That's what Jesus did and if you follow Him, the command is to do likewise. 


How to Actually Fight For Racial Reconciliation

Dr. Cristina Cleveland's address at Urbana 2015 was clear, insightful, and worth digesting. Here's a link to supplement the above article that lays a foundation for pursuing racial reconciliation. FOLLOW THE STEPS! 

Racism is Ruining My Marriage

We need people to be honest about the painful reality of racism, prejudice, and hatred and its affects on us. So I wrote something! Feel free to read this candid take on race, marriage, and how we hurt the people we love the most because we've been deeply wounded ourselves. 

The Problem With Saying All Lives Matter

This is the single most unhelpful phrase in the entire dialogue about racial reconciliation and justice in our country today. But why? Tyler Huckabee breaks it down very well in his article for Relevant Magazine.

LoGOFF Definitions & Activities

LoGOFF stands for Local, Green, Organic, Fair and Free. This movement and these values are rooted in scripture, honest experiences of pursuing shalom and reconciliation, and encounters with God in prayer and worship. These definitions are our most comprehensive guide for the movement. 

LoGOFF Scavenger Hunt: This is a fun, informative way to take a step into integrating stewardship into our every day purchases. We are stewards, not consumers. 

Teach Us How To Pray

This interactive prayer and worship guide is helpful for individuals who seek to deepen their prayer life corporately or in solitude. It is rooted in scripture and uses the Lord's Prayer as the frame for adoration, confession, request, blessing and protection. 

Feed 500 and Feed-A-Few Manual

Find out ways to engage with the homeless in groups or on your own, as well as plan your own Feed 500.