Theology and Identity: Noemi Vega

“Theology is about asking good questions.”

How does the study of theology shape our identity in a way that helps us overcome shame, fear, and anxiety around ministry? We ask Noemi Vega, Area Ministry Director (South Texas), adjunct professor at Fresno Pacific University Biblical Seminary, and co-author of “Hermanas: Deepening Our Identity and Growing Our Influence.”

To check out Enrique Dussel’s work, Noemi recommends beginning with “Twenty Theses on Politics.”

Book Recommendations:
A Little Book for New Theologians: Why and How to Study Theology by Kelly M. Kapic
Exploring Christian Doctrine: A Guide to What Christians Believe by Tony Lane
Global Theology in Evangelical Perspective: Exploring the Contextual Nature of Theology and Mission by Dr. Jeffrey P. Greenman Ph.D.

Jonathan Walton